Walking Dead Board Game Lets You Fight Zombies From Home

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

In The Walking Dead—both Robert Kirkman’s comic series and AMC’s massive TV adaptation—a group of zombie apocalypse survivors battle enormous odds, flesh-eating monsters, and other humans warped and twisted by the harsh times in which they live. The story is tense, violent, and brutal, and the characters exist on a razor’s edge between life and death. Now you can experience all of this zombie-fighting action in the exact opposite situation as the survivors, via a board game you can play in the safety of your own living room. Much like in the television show, however, only the strong will make it out of this alive.


The game seems to follow the events of the first season. You grab whatever weapons you can find—from Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) shotgun to Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) iconic crossbow—and head out to locations like the Atlanta department store where Rick first encounters the group, the old folks’ home run by gangbangers, and the CDC, where you hope you don’t get blown up by a depressed doctor. You can form alliances, stock up on supplies, and generally try not to get eaten by walkers.

Here’s the best part: when you die, the journey doesn’t end like in most games. This is a zombie-themed affair we’re talking about, so of course, you come back, and when you creak your way back to life, the goal of the game changes. No longer are you trying to survive. Now you’re trying eat everyone who has still has a pulse. You can lay traps for the living, taint their remaining supplies, and generally cause mayhem and chaos. When you bite someone, they become one of the undead, sharing your newfound appetite for human. Mmm, people.

I’m not a huge fan of games, but this actually sounds like it could be pretty entertaining. The Walking Dead board game retails for around $30, and takes roughly an hour to play from beginning to end.

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