The Walking Dead: A Look Behind The Scenes Of Too Far Gone

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


Wow! Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Too Far Gone,” was the best episode of AMC’s zombie series in a long time. Tensions were heated as Rick and the Governor squared off for round two, with the prison being the prize for the victor. Sadly, no one won out, as the prison was turned to rumble. The prison residents fled, while the Governor’s people were mostly murdered. There were a lot of “holy shit!” moments in “Too Far Gone,” but the most unexptected was the untimely death of Hershel.

While I was not a fan of Hershel in season two and three (his brand of morality quickly became a source for constant nagging for me), the character came into his own in season four. Before his death, he saved a majority of the prison’s population from the deadly plague, so when the Governor chopped off his head, it was a gruesome and tragic end for Maggie and Beth’s father. AMC released a fitting tribute to Hershel Greene, played by actor Scott Wilson. The video features how Rick first met Hershel in season two, how the former-preacher lost his leg while fighting zombies, and how Hershel kept his faith throughout the zombie apocalypse. The tribute also features the cast of The Walking Dead paying tribute to the actor Scott Wilson for playing Hershel with quiet nobility.

The cable network also released new behind-the-scenes and inside-look videos for “Too Far Gone.” The first features the psychology of the Governor and why he wanted to take over the prison. After Rick offers to take in his new people, the Governor is still unwilling to compromise for the survival of everyone. We’ve seen that the Governor is willing to do anything to keep his new family safe, but his actions, ironically, destroyed his newfound group. When the Governor sees Megan dead at the end of the episode, he is so overcome with grief that he just resorts to killing everyone.

While The Walking Dead won’t be back until February 2014, AMC has released a promo for the back half of the season, which reveals some new footage. It looks like everyone in the group is separated, and they will most likely spend the rest of the season trying to get back together.

The second video reveals how The Walking Dead‘s production team brought “Too Far Gone” to life. Most notably is how the zombie series’ special effects team created Hershel’s death scene. While Hershel’s death was gruesome, the effects team didn’t make it so bloody or gory that it took away from Scott Wilson’s performance. Next, the video focuses on blowing up the prison. At the end of season three, the prison was under attack, but didn’t suffer catastrophic damage. Now there’s no way anyone will ever live in the prison again. The walls are in ruins and zombies have taken over the prison grounds.

With The Walking Dead now officially on hiatus until 2014, it’s going to be interesting to see where the group turns up in the latter half of the season. It seems like everyone is separated with no hope of ever finding each other again. Rick and Carl are on their own, which also happens in Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel. If that’s the direction The Walking Dead‘s showrunner is taking the series, then the second half of season four will be decidedly boring.

The Walking Dead will return to finish out season four in February 2014. AMC also released the most-talked-about scene from “Too Far Gone,” which features Michonne stabbing the Governor through his chest with her samurai sword.