Walking Dead Art Makes For A Gallery Show Worth Digging Into

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for a fourth season this Sunday night, and we’ve all got our fingers crossed that this season will finally start firing on all cylinders. We’ve seen some really brilliant episodes over the years, but each of its three seasons has also been weakened by a lot of narrative wheel-spinning. The show has a new showrunner — yet again — in Scott Gimple, the guy responsible for last season’s finest hour, the episode “Clear.” That’s got us feeling optimistic, but if you’d like another bit of awesomeness to help get you excited for The Walking Dead’s return, check out the artwork below (and the related art show, if you happen to be in the right part of the country).


In a rather cool bit of promotion, AMC gave the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles the go-ahead to host a small art show themed around the acclaimed zombie drama. Here’s Hero Complex’s description for the show:

As millions of fans await the return of one of the most talked about television shows in the world, venture with us into the post-apocalyptic universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Artwork will be inspired by the group’s struggle to survive, fighting against the dead, fighting against the living, and even fighting themselves.

A horde of Hero Complex Gallery’s favorite artists are dancing with the dead, bringing to life the loved, hated, and oftentimes feared characters of this worldwide television phenomenon. Complicated leader, Rick Grimes, the dark and mysterious katana-wielding Michonne, and Southern bad boy turned good, Daryl Dixon, are just a few of the iconic characters of this series that are portrayed in paintings, prints, and sculpture.

Join us as we journey into the post-apocalyptic universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Hanzel Haro

It’s great to see such a diversity of styles and ways the artists interpret the world of The Walking Dead. I’m not often an art gallery kind of guy, but I’d definitely be checking this out if I were in L.A. The show is running from this Friday, October 11, through Saturday, October 26. The Hero Complex Gallery is located at 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA. You can learn more at their website or the event’s Facebook page. This is only a small sample of the art, but check out more in the gallery below!

Art in this story created by, from the top: Hanzel Haro, Adam Rabalais, Tracie Ching, TBone Aljax, Steve Kurth, Ridge Rooms, Paul Shipper, JC Richard, JJ Harrison, Joel Phillips, Matthew Woodson, Miles Tsang, Evanimal, Eric Hancock, and Craig Church.