New Walking Dead App and Teaser for Mid-Season Return

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

I’ll be honest: the next time I’m walking through a grocery store, I wouldn’t be surprised to look between the Count Chocula and Golden Grahams and find a Walking Dead-themed breakfast cereal, complete with shotgun shell marshmallows. By 2014, it’s possible the franchise will become so ubiquitous that the word “ubiquitous” will actually be replaced by “Walking Dead,” as in, “That fucking song from that phone commercial is so Walking Dead.” I’ll work on that.

121228mag-walking-dead-app1_210x305But speaking of phones, an official Walking Dead app is coming from AMC on January 7th. The website, which is unavailable at the moment, will be If you’re any good at context clues, you’ve figured out that the app will allow users to make photos of themselves look like one of the walkers. Rotting teeth and rotting flesh are among the additions, but I’m holding out for a shotgun blast to the eye. On the app, I mean.

Asked by TV Guide, series star David Morrissey said “I’d love to see an Elvis zombie. He’s got the moves to shuffle down the street in his Vegas cape.” On the opposite end of deathly appearance, Marilyn Monroe is the zombie that Michael Rooker is interested in seeing. “Even as a zombie, she’d be hot. I’d have to keep her on a chain,” Rooker said, disappointing the scores of still-living women who’d love to be chained up in Rooker’s basement dungeon.

Rooker’s character, Merle, ended the mid-season finale in a face-off against his brother Daryl, and theories abound on how this tussle might play out. Well, if this new TV teaser for the upcoming half-season is any clue, Daryl will be the victor, should the fight actually come down to a winner and loser. I didn’t see Merle at all during this, though maybe he flashes by and I’m just being blind this morning.

Not a lot of definitive moments to get locked onto here, as it’s mostly yelling, gun brandishing, and running. But it looks like everybody might be coming back together, as Andrea finally might be allowed to know something again, and group escapes must be made. This had been a more much anticipatory December over last year’s, where a coin toss became the only reason I kept watching after the dreadfully slow first half of season two. What a difference prison can make.