The Walking Dead Gets A Fan-Made Animated Makeover

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead is all about survivors making their way in a world full of the reanimated dead, so it’s only appropriate that somebody got around to speculating what the show would look like as an animated series.Or, more specifically, as an animated series where the cast is filled out by existing Disney characters from other movies. Sure, that makes for some not-entirely-convincing likenesses for the familiar Walking Dead characters, but hey, you work with what you’ve got. At least Mickey’s nowhere to be seen.


The image was put together by DeviantArtist Mirandaareli, and it’s a fun little exercise. Mainly because of the possibilities it conjures up. Would we get a family-friendly, Disney-fied version of The Walking Dead, complete with anthropomorphised animals and frequent musical numbers? (I’ve heard Michonne and her two pet walkers can really bring down the house.) Or would it go in the opposite direction and serve up all the violent/disturbing content wrapped in a wholesome Disney style? Hell, why not find a happy medium and have somebody break into song as their intestines are being ripped out by the ravenous undead?

Personally, I’d really like to hear Rick and Lori’s duet, “Where the Hell Is Carl?”

This isn’t the only recent fan-made, animated-style spin <I>The Walking Dead</i> has received lately. Check out this trippy vid made by a friggin’ 13-year-old.

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