Walkers, Clones, And Cosmos: What To Look Forward To In Spring Sci-Fi TV

Here's your DVR lineup for the next few months.

By David Wharton | Updated

PilotThe 100 (The CW, March 19)
Not only does the CW already have nerd-leaning shows like Supernatural and Arrow, but they’ve gotten on the sci-fi wagon in a pretty big way over the last year. Their reboot of teen-mutant drama The Tomorrow People may not have panned out as they would have liked, teetering on the verge of cancellation as it is, but that apparently isn’t going to cause the network to shy away from the genre as a whole since they’re debuting their attempt at a young adult dystopia, The 100, this spring.

There’s was talk of a toned-down version of the kids-versus-kids action of Battle Royale (getting into that lucrative The Hunger Games market), and The 100 could touch on that, though it leans more towards Lord of the Flies. In the future, the Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by nuclear war, and the only surivors are 400 people who were in 12 space stations at the time. After three generations, the Ark — the linked stations — is failing, and we need to return to our home world. In order to determine if the planet is habitable, the totalitarian government sends 100 juvenile delinquents down as guinea pigs. There, the exiled children discover a freedom, and responsibility, that they’ve never experienced.

The question remains, will these kids be able to work together to survive, or will they go feral, tearing each other limb from limb, like the hormone charged beasts that they are? My guess, there’s going to be a little bit of both. Maybe some factions, some wars, that sort of fun. I’d also be willing to bet there will be a healthy dose of teen angst and post-apocalyptic relationship drama. – Brent

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