Walkers, Clones, And Cosmos: What To Look Forward To In Spring Sci-Fi TV

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

Star-CrossedStar-Crossed (The CW, Feb. 17)
The CW continues to stake its claim in the realm of science fiction populated by ridiculously good-looking people with this latest series, Star-Crossed. All those angsty, beautiful people will be mandatory here, because the show is essentially a sci-fi spin on William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. With aliens!

The show is set after an alien vessel crash lands on Earth. A young human girl befriends an alien lad on the lam, but he’s soon rounded up and shoved into an internment camp along with the rest of his extra-terrestrial brethren. Ten years later, the camps are shutting down and the aliens are being integrated into human society. And what are the odds, those two childhood friends wind up attending the same high school. Do you think sparks will fly? I’m pretty sure sparks will fly. Also: there will be brooding.

Most of The CW’s shows have at least some sort of romantic element, even if it’s only an occasional thing, so the question will be whether Star-Crossed has enough of interesting story to keep viewers who aren’t teenage girls and are looking for more from their sci-fi than doe-eyed pining between a hot human girl and a hot alien dude who looks exactly human except for some tattoos on his face. Seriously, Star-Crossed, you could at least follow Star Trek’s example and give them a weird forehead.

The CW has proven it can do genre shows well with hits such as Supernatural and Arrow, but we don’t have enormously high hopes for Star-Crossed. And the fact that creator Meredith Averill’s produced sci-fi credits are limited to the ill-conceived American remake of Life on Mars doesn’t exactly suffuse us with confidence. – David

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