Vote For Your Favorite Moments From Fringe To Be Turned Into Works Of Art

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Over its five-year run, Fox’s Fringe has inspired an incredible level of devotion from fans. It’s the kind of franchise that motivates devotees to create all manner of creative tributes, ranging from visual depictions of the characters to—cough, cough—erotic fan-fiction. Now, thanks to a cool new art venture, fans that lack any artistic skills whatsoever (some of us can barely draw a competent stick figure) have the opportunity to get in on the act.

Los Angeles based Gallery 1988 will curate a project that takes important moments from Fringe and recreate them all as works of art. Some of the artists and designers affiliated with the gallery will render them as a series of limited edition screen prints. The gallery is a home for all types of pop-culture fixated art work.

Here’s how you can get involved. You can log on to the Fringe Benefits Project webpage and vote for your favorite moments, cases, and curious occurrences. Right now there are 31 options up to choose from, and run the gamut from the pilot through all five seasons, including recent episodes from the fifth and final chapter.

So, would you like to see the case where Olivia and the Fringe team investigate the body stuck through the wall of a bank immortalized as screen print? How about an artistic rendering of a man turning into a giant, spine covered creature on an airplane? Tell me you wouldn’t love to have that hanging on your wall. And then there’s the episode dealing with spontaneous human combustion. Now that sounds like the kind of art I can appreciate.

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