Voltage Pictures Boards SF Spec Script Alter

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Voltage Pictures, one of the companies behind the hilarious Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, has optioned a new science fiction spec script called Alter. It’s rare enough to see a film project that isn’t a remake or based on an existing property these days, to say nothing of one that’s actually a science fiction story. Whether it will ever make it to screen in a solid form remains to be seen, but let’s all sit back and appreciate the strange aroma of originality wafting out of Hollywood, however briefly.

Variety‘s story doesn’t provide many other details, but it does offer up a basic logline. Alter tells the story of a team of scientists researching a black hole aboard a distant space station. Things take a turn for the surreal when they receive a transmission that seems to show them being killed by alien creatures. The script was written by John and Thomas Sonntag, who I’m going to presume are brothers until somebody tells me otherwise. Neither of them have any credits on IMDb, so this looks like one of those rare cases of Hollywood actually taking a chance on an unproven writers (and with an original screenplay, no less!).

Sure, the logline sounds like the sort of material we’ve seen many times before (hapless humans stalked by space monsters of unknown pedigree), but it’s still nice to see an original science fiction script getting some traction. Right now Alter is nothing but potential, so let’s enjoy that while it lasts.

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