Danger! Voice Of Lost In Space Robot Dies

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Dick Tufield died at the age of 85 this week. You never knew his face, but you definitely knew his voice. Dick Tufeld provided the pipes for one of the most iconic mechanoids of all time, as Lost in Space’s Robot. You have Dick to thank for the phrase, ““Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”

Here he is doing his thing:

He also provided the Robot’s voice in the 1998 Lost in Space feature film. It’s worth noting that Tufield wasn’t actually inside the Robot costume used on the show. That was actor Bob May. Tufield only provided the character’s voice.

Tufield began his career in radio, so perhaps it makes sense that he eventually made his career in voice work. In addition to Lost in Space he went on to provide voices for numerous cartoon characters.

He’s not the first Lost in Space castmember we’ve lost. Guy Williams, who played the Robinson family father, died in 1989. Jonathan Harris, who played the villainous Dr. Smith, died in 2002.