The Visitors’ First Poster Warns That These Aliens Do Not Come In Peace

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

the visitors poster
If I told you guys that the film advertised in the poster above was co-produced by a company named Abduction Films, could you figure out what it’s all about? Oh, you say the underside of a giant spaceship and the tagline “They Do Not Come In Peace” were already dead giveaways? Yeah, you’re right. The Visitors is a movie about aliens, and it will hopefully be one of the best movies about aliens that we’ve ever seen. I mean, the general hope behind any movie is that it will be the best, but this flick is being directed by the Vicious Brothers (Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz), the guys behind one of the best horror films of this millennium, and then some. But we’ll talk about them in a minute.

This poster isn’t an official theatrical one-sheet, but rather a piece of sales art that the producers — including Manis Film, Pink Buffalo Films, and Twin Engine Films — are bringing to this year’s American Film Market (AFM) event in Santa Monica. This is one of the ways they’re hoping to find a distributor. Do you guys think it’ll work? I’m left feeling pretty cold by the ship itself without knowing what the context is, although I really can’t complain about that tagline. It’s a nice and menacing spin on an oft-used phrase. (I know there’s a book and a song with a similar name, but still. I like it.)

While the film was announced months back, there hasn’t been all that much information shared about its plot. Luckily, they’ve prepped a plot summary for AFM as well.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A group of college students make their way to a remote cabin in the woods so they can booze it up and party all weekend. But on the first night, they see a huge fireball fly though the air and land somewhere in the forest nearby. It doesn’t say it in the description, but I’m guessing no one packs all their shit up in the car and quickly drives back home while alerting the local authorities. The cast is made up of Freddie Stroma (The Philosophers), Brittany Allen (Defiance), Melanie Papalia (Endgame), Jesse Moss (Final Destination 3), Anja Savcic (Repeaters), and Emily Perkins (Supernatural), with appearances by Gil Bellows (Parkland) and Michael Ironside (Total Recall).

We’ll be waiting anxiously for this one, since the Vicious Brothers’ writing and directing debut was 2011’s truly excellent found-footage horror Grave Encounters, which managed to elevate the fairly trite concept of a non-believer ghost-hunting crew filming an episode of their TV show inside a supposedly haunted abandoned mental institution. What made the film awesome was surprisingly likable characters, a pitch-black sense of humor, and a steady barrage of legitimately spooky crap happening. (The Black Hands scene is the stuff nightmares are made of.) Unfortunately, the duo also directed Grave Encounters 2, which was god-awful in every way that the first film was fresh and fun. Hopefully with their third film, they can turn an alien invasion into something truly horrifying. Take a peek at the Grave Encounters trailer below.