The Visitor: Watch The Crazy-Ass First Four Minutes

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Home video distributor and movie theater chain Drafthouse Films is one of the best boutiques for releasing strange and unusual movies you won’t find anywhere else. So far they have titles like The Act of Killing, Miami Connection, and Wake In Fright under their belt. I’m a big fan and will check out any movie they release. With Drafthouse, you know you’re going to get something unusual. So when the Austin-based company got their hands on The Visitor, the mockbuster’s premise and hodgepodge all-star cast intrigued me. The little-known sci-fi film from 1979 is totally bonkers, and you can now own it for yourself. If you need a little convincing, check out this new clip that is wall-to-wall craziness.

The clip that appeared at The Playlist perfectly illustrates the madness of The Visitor. While it may seem like this four-minute clip comes near the film’s climax, it doesn’t. In fact, this is the first four-minutes. In an epic cosmic showdown for the fate of the universe, legendary director John Huston’s Jedi-like Jerzy Colsowicz faces off against an eight-year-old girl named Katy, who is a demonic little firecracker. She also has a special power that has to be carried on for future generations.

The last half of the video features Franco Nero (Django, Die Hard 2) as a Christ figure that teaches his followers about the galactic imbalance and the return of the titular Visitor. Of course, Nero is Italian, and doesn’t speak English very well, so his lines are poorly dubbed. The introduction leads up the film’s crazy-ass premise, involving Katy trying to convince her mother to get pregnant. Once she gives birth to a male child, the evil and telekinetic Katy can mate with him, so The Visitor will return. The film gets weird.

The Visitor is by no means a good movie, but it’s extremely fun and disturbing to watch. It’s strange premise, campy acting and dialogue, and all-star cast is worth giving a spin. The exploitation flick also features some of the craziest stunts I’ve ever seen. It’s refreshing to watch real stuntmen performing real terrifying stunts. The movie is packed with a lot of strangeness and unintentional humor. It also includes one of my favorite science fiction moments of 2013.

The Visitor was dubbed a “knockoff blockbuster movie,” as it drew comparisons to more popular sci-fi and horror flicks such as The Omen, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Star Wars. The film also stars Sam Peckinpah, Lance Henriksen, Shelley Winters, Glenn Ford, Mel Ferrer, Neal Boortz, Steve Somers, Joanne Nail, and Paige Conner. Italian filmmaker Giulio Paradisi (aka Michael J. Paradise) directed, while Ovidio G. Assonitis produced.

The Visitor is now available on Blu-ray/DVD and VOD.