Visit A Dystopian Future Of Deadly Dance Fight Video Games By Watching 10 Minutes From The FP

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The FP is the latest production from Drafthouse Films, an offshoot of the famed Alamo Drafthouse Theaters in Austin. If you’ve been to any of their theaters for an event, then you should have at least some idea of what to expect from their movie.

Filled with references to 80s style filmmaking and featuring a lead character with a sweet eyepatch, the movie involves a future where gangs fight to the death by playing the video game Dance Dance Revolution. It’s about as silly as it sounds, but The FP takes it all deadly serious…

My favorite part was the opening credits, which had a total Tron, Escape from New York vibe going for it. The rest, well it depends on where the rest of the movie goes. For my part I saw no sign that this was actually set in the future as the movie’s plot synopsis suggests. Without that I’d have just assumed a bunch of hipsters got together at a bar in Portland and put together some sort of weird flash mob.

What do you think? Will you see The FP when it hits theaters March 16th in limited release?