Vin Diesel Gets Stabby In This New Riddick Pic

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Vin Diesel is awesome, and I’m not necessarily even talking about his movie roles. He’s the kind of actor that fans should totally love, the kind who is not only completely stoked on his movies, but who also drops enticing bits of news for you to consume. He’s already delivered a number of photos from his upcoming science fiction adventure, Riddick, and here’s another one for your perusal.


Riddick is definitely a passion project for Diesel, as well as for director David Twohy, who have both gone to great lengths to finish the film. The actor took to his Facebook page to present the new photo. The image features a stern-faced Diesel, in full Riddick regalia, with a knife at the throat of the Necromonger Vaako, played by Karl Urban. It looks like what you’d expect from an action-heavy movie about tough guys in space.

The Riddick franchise began in 2000 with Pitch Black, a small, relatively contained story with a hard R rating for scary creatures and intense violence. The sequel, 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick, was a PG-13 affair, and, though still a decently fun action flick, the film lost some focus in trying to establish an entire universe and a sprawling internal mythology. It’s also hard to have a movie where the protagonist is a cold-blooded killer and tone down the violence at the same time. He’s too nice in the sequel.

Riddick, chapter number three, is reportedly a return to the look and feel of the first film, and will also hit theaters boasting an R rating. The story finds Riddick stranded on a desolate planet, one that appears lifeless at first. Turns out that there are some hungry beasties already living there, ones who don’t take kindly to intruders. Battling for his life, Riddick’s only avenue of escape is to reveal his presence to the bounty hunters that hound him like paparazzi. Given Riddick’s checkered legal past, bringing him in would result in a rather sizable payday.

When the mercenaries arrive, Riddick encounters a new, merciless breed, as well as one familiar face none too pleased to see him. From everything we know, one may assume that this last individual is Vaako, who tangled with Riddick in Chronicles, and who would probably be interested in a little retribution.

Riddick blasts into theaters on September 6th, and also stars Katee Sackhoff, David Bautista, Bokeem Woodbine, Jordi Molla, Matt Nable, and Nolan Funk.