Video From Stargate: SG-1’s Abandoned Video Game

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

You can bet that if it’s on a high profile science fiction TV show (especially if it’s part of a franchise), or in a big budget sci-fi movie, someone, somewhere is working on an accompanying videogame. Just because there’s work going on, however, doesn’t mean that the game will ever see the light of day. Such is apparently the case with a game called Stargate SG-1: Alliance, a first person shooter that never made it to store shelves.

For Stargate fans wondering what the game might have looked like though, two videos have appeared online showing off the work done on the project before it’s cancellation. Check them out, they’re long enough that you get a pretty good feel for what game play would have been like.

Perhaps this is a lack of videogame knowledge talking, but almost every first person shooter out there looks like Doom to me, and Stargate SG-1: Alliance is no exception. You have the opportunity to use a bunch of iconic weapons from the Stargate universe, and you’ll recognize characters and creatures from the series as well.

While the game looks fine, there doesn’t appear to be much setting it apart from most other FPS games. You can snipe people, sneak around corners, get jumped from behind, and all the usual fun, but it seems to be your standard stuff. If you’re a diehard SG-1 fan, I can see the appeal, but it isn’t difficult to imagine why the plug was pulled on Alliance before it could make it on to the XBox and the Playstation 2.

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