Video Sneak Peeks At The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Return

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead doesn’t return from its winter hiatus for another month yet, but the network has posted a couple of sneak peeks from the next episode (“Nebraska”) on its website. The episode picks up sometime after the release and decimation of the walkers in the barn.

In this first clip, Shane and Rick do what they do best: argue about Rick’s decisions. Hershel tells them to leave, so Shane rails on about how terrible Rick’s decisions were and Rick tries to once again convince Shane that they can change Hershel’s mind.

In this, extremely brief clip, Rick finds Herschel in a bar in (presumably) the nearby town where Glenn and Maggie had their drug store walker run-in.

Rick tries to convince Hershel that “it’s not about what we believe anymore”. Rick tells the older man that it’s about “them” now, by which we can assume he means that Hershel has to focus his attention on the living and on survival rather than on stockpiling walkers to be cured at a later date. It’s pretty standard fare for this season, although Hershel seemed a little more amenable than before.  That’s probably from the alcohol and the fact that all the walkers he was hoping to save eventually have been taken down, though.

The big question from the 45 second clip is who the folks at the end are. So far, Herschel’s group seemed to be the only survivors in the area. Now we know that at least a couple of other guys have also made it, and that they don’t seem to be fans of his. So, who are they? How do they know Hershel? We’ll have to wait until February 12 to find out.