Van Damme Alien Invasion Flick Gets Name Change, Release Date And New Trailer

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

I’ll say one thing about Phase 4 Films’ Alien Uprising, formerly known as UFO, but really known as “the alien movie with Jean Claude Van Damme in it.” It needs to hurry up and come out so it can get off of my damned radar already. This film has been alive for two years now, and the more I’m seeing of it, the less I believe that Van Damme will actually have anything to do with it, other than appear to cock a shotgun and then get eaten up Deep Blue Sea-style, just with aliens.

And honestly, I think it could possibly be something of a good film, or at least a passable one. British director Dominic Burns (How to Stop Being a Loser) isn’t exactly an auteur, but the movie’s first trailer made it look like a decent action flick that perhaps took itself a little too seriously. The trailer seen above is nearly the same thing, only it starts off with a terrible looking piece of “home video” footage before giving us the same trailer we’d already seen before. Only the sound quality is terrible here, and I looked around for one that was more pleasing to the ears but I kept getting this same washed out orchestra. And it’s weird how much it changed my perception of the film, because I then could only see it as something that came out of the 1980s, and I wondered where the video’s tracking lines were. Still, even if the trailer showed a snippet from all of the action sequences in the film, it seems like it couldn’t be boring. Stupid maybe, but not boring.

Starring Van Damme, his daughter Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan and Simon Phillips, Alien Uprising tells of the fateful day when aliens swooped down and knocked out all of our electricity and communications. A group of friends comes together and try to survive the attack. Here are a few stills released from the production, which is set to open in select theaters and simultaneously hit VOD on June 21. There’s not much time, people! Pop that Lionheart DVD on in the meantime.







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