All Of The Usual Suspects Are Present And Accounted For In This Men In Black 3 Blooper Reel

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Does anyone really like blooper reels anymore? Maybe it’s just me, but they’re generally one of the most useless bonus features on any Blu-ray or DVD release. But they’re easy to put together, after shooting you have all the material on hand already, so for the foreseeable future anyway, they’re probably going to remain a staple on home video. Take this sampling from 2012’s Men in Black 3, for example. It’s a perfect case in point.

All of the usual suspects are present and accounted for. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith try to walk through a set of double doors, one of them is locked, and Jones smacks his face into the glass. Then there’s a take when the classic sedan in the past won’t start for Josh Brolin. That’s not particularly funny, no matter how much they laughed on set. And of course, there are all manner of botched lines, actors questioning what this ridiculous thing really is what they’re supposed to say, and that old standby, falling down in the middle of a take.

Because this is a Will Smith joint, you’re also privy to all manner of Fresh Prince wackiness. There’s dancing, hollerin’, hand waving, and all manner of silly shenanigans. That’s kind of his jam, isn’t it?

The only real shocker in this thing is what the hell Tommy Lee Jones is doing with his tongue around the three and a half minute mark. That’s weird and will most likely make you feel dirty.

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