Upcoming Doctor Who Ep Will Show Much More Of The TARDIS

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

The TARDIS is one of the most iconic elements of Doctor Who, and easily one of the coolest crafts/gadgets in all of science fiction history. Who wouldn’t want a magic box that’s bigger on the inside and that can take you anywhere in time and space? Hell, it even has a swimming pool, how can you beat that? Now word comes that Who fans are in for a treat with an upcoming episode of the show, which will purportedly reveal a lot more of the TARDIS’ interior than we’ve ever seen before.

Doctor Who TV is reporting that Stephen Thompson will be penning an episode called “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS.” That definitely seems to suggest we’ll be getting a grand tour of the Doctor’s ride, as well as being a nice tip of the fez to Jules Verne (come to think of it, this is Doctor Who; Jules Verne may very well put in an appearance). Doctor Who TV says that actor Matt Smith nearly slipped and revealed this information a while back during a Q&A, after somebody asked him how big the inside of the TARDIS is.

It’s a very cool idea, and I’ve often wondered why they don’t make more use of the TARDIS interior, aside from the omnipresent control room/entrance. I’m sure they don’t have any other standing TARDIS sets for budget reasons, but it would still be cool to see some of the craft’s eccentric nooks and crannies now and then.

As previously reported, Thomspon’s episode is slated as 710, so we should get to see it about halfway into the run of the remaining episodes, which are slated to hit in 2013. Between this and Neil Gaiman’s second Who episode, there should be a lot to look forward to.

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