Universal Picks Up SF Spec Script Lights Out For Syfy Films

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

They say that success is part hard work and part simply a case of finding yourself in the right place or right set of circumstances at the right time. Consider, for instance, the case of a writer named Jay Frasco. He wrote a science fiction/thriller novel called Lights Out. Rather than just sitting around waiting for publishers to say yea or nay on picking up his manuscript, he instead decided to adapt it into a screenplay, too. And now Universal Pictures has purchased both his script and the rights to the manuscript, with Lights Out to be developed by Syfy Films.

Deadline broke the story, and unfortunately the details are sparse at this point. The most Universal is sharing is this fairly vague synopsis: “The story focuses on an teenage boy trapped in his house with his sister when a deadly intruder enters the home, and mysterious events occur during the captivity.” Well, there you have it. Since Lights Out is specifically described as a “sci-fi thriller,” we’re presuming the mysterious events are probably alien related, rather than yet another pesky ghost.

For many of you, any interest you might have had likely evaporated when you saw the words “Syfy Films,” a pairing that brings to might mansquitos, sharktopuses, and the like. While Syfy Films still has much to prove, it is a related but separate entity from the Syfy network. Syfy Films was formed by Universal and Syfy Ventures with the goal to produce honest-to-gosh feature films that are several cuts above Syfy’s usual Saturday-night schlockfest. For instance, Syfy Films is working on adapting George R.R. Martin’s superhero anthology series, Wild Cards, into a potential franchise.

None of that guarantees Lights Out will succeed, of course, but it at least has a chance of being more than a vehicle for reminding viewers which D-grade celebrities are still alive and desperate for a paycheck. Fingers crossed that when/if Lights Out hits theaters, it’s worth all the hubbub.

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