Unidentified Director Probes Abductions With New Short Film

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Anybody who gets queasy or offended from humor that “pokes” fun inside one’s backside, this video probably isn’t for you. It is called Probed after all.

Perhaps best known for his work on visual effects and second-unit direction on projects from horror director Adam Green — such as Hatchet III and the FEARNet series Holliston — Jason R. Miller will be making his directorial debut next year with the comedy thriller Unidentified. But in the meantime, he utilized one of the UFOUFO sets used on that film and created the comedic short Probed, a deep, dark look into preferential treatment among alien abductees. Don’t let decades of backwoods folk convince you that all alien captors are the same.

Starring Ed Ackerman (Frozen) and David Foy (Hatchet II), Unidentified is of the same quality as a video created for a high school project, only with some CGI that is so terrible it’s actually kind of awesome. It isn’t completely out of the question to say this would feel right at home on Syfy whenever they need to kill some time.

Of course, the humor element is on par with the CGI as far as the Syfy comparison goes, and is right in line with Holliston‘s on-the-nose punchlines. This is not highbrow comedy, but it’s still a pretty good premise for a joke. What if you’re the guy whose asshole the aliens keep probing while the guy sitting next to you has simultaneously gone through seemingly endless bouts of sexual debauchery, porn watching, and cake eating? You’d probably be blinded with rage, or maybe that’s just the blinding pain from all the probings. Either way, there’s a lot of squinting.

The one part I truly enjoyed was the delay in conclusion as Foy’s eventually assassinated character just stands there glowing from his orifices without anything happening. It’s pretty easy to make me laugh at certain points of the day. We’ll chalk this up to that.

Your enjoyment of Miller’s Unidentified will probably rely on how well you liked the above, since the feature is a found-footage-type flick about four guys whose goal of a wild weekend in Vegas turns horrific once they get stranded in the desert and one of them goes missing. It premiered recently at the San Diego Asian Film Festival and will hit DVD on February 11, 2014. Check out the trailer below, and as an abduction precaution, you should always inject novocaine into your ass when you go out walking in the woods. I know a guy.