Ultra-Low-Budget Monster Movie Skinless Will Make Theatrical Premiere Next Month

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Warning! The trailer below is pretty NSFW (unless you work in a human slaughterhouse) for blood-covered nudity.

If you give me two thousand dollars and an idea for a movie, chances are I’ll use the money to pay some debts and then I’ll just obsess over the idea in my head every night instead of sleeping. But a person like Dustin Mills will take the money and a couple of weeks and he’ll churn out a horror like nobody’s business. And his films might not be in your business if you don’t happen to pay attention to indie cinema’s darkest crevices, but if you happen to live in or around Cleveland, you can make yourself acquainted with Mills’ latest release, Skinless, as Phantom Pain Films will be holding a midnight debut at the Cedar Lee Theater on March 8, with another screening at the Capitol Theater on March 15. If you’re like me and you live nowhere near Cleveland, there’s still hope that the film may one day come to a town near you.

Okay, so really the premiere news was just an excuse to unleash this recently released trailer, which should be golden for anyone who has ever watched the transformation scenes in David Cronenberg’s The Fly more than any of the earlier dialogue scenes. The levels of From Beyond-like gore look so enjoyably disgusting, and it looks like a good portion of that $2,000 budget went into the practical effects.

The film centers on oncologist Dr. Peter Peele, played by co-writer Brandon Salkil, who thinks he may have found a cure for skin cancer within the stomach of an exotic parasite. I’m guessing he didn’t want to wait long enough to do tests on animals, because he tries the cure on himself, which turns him into a pus-dripping gross-out monster. It’s easy to look at a movie like this and crap on it for some of its more unprofessional parts, but we’ll champion the vision without mentioning which parts of that vision work best.

Should these screenings be successful, there are plans to take the film to other areas of the country, probably with the director and cast in tow. The director will be on hand for both of the Cleveland screenings for Q&A sessions, and the cast will join him for the premiere.

If you want to get into Mills’ other work, there’s the “you knew it was coming” mash-up between life and fiction with the zombie flick Bath Salt Zombies. And there’s also Night of the Tentacles, both of which you can watch trailers for right here. You’re welcome.

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