Tyrese Gibson Wants To Be Part Of The Fun Of Transformers 4

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Transformers 4 isn’t due in theaters until summer 2014, but there are some rumblings of what the fourth installment in the series will be like. At this time, it’s unclear if the fourth film will take place on Earth or on Cybertron (the Transformers’ home planet), or even if the fourth film will be connected to the first three films in the series.

Actor Tyrese Gibson has been involved in every film in the Transformers series and hopes to be involved with the fourth film as well. Gibson has played the character of USAF Master Sergeant Epps since 2007, and the actor wants to see his character move on into the fourth film in 2014. Mobli.com captured Gibson’s plea with Michael Bay to be part of the fun:

In my mind not be in a part with Transformers 4… if that’s even happening… it f**** me up. I’ll be honest… I love it. It was the childhood, movie, favorite of mine… you know I don’t really not wanna be a part of the franchise. Period. You know when you lose a team member sometimes you gotta keep going. Period.

Transformers 4 will start pre-production in December 2012. The film is seen as a reboot of sorts that will do away with the human actors and replace the robot cast with new ones. So it is unclear if Gibson or anyone else will return for the fourth film. Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will not be returning to Transformers 4.

The toy company Hasbro, the company behind the Transformers toy line and movies, wanted to go in another direction with the fourth film. CEO Brian Goldner expressed his need to see new Transformers in the fourth film in order to sell more toys. Goldner saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon as a failure because toy sales for the robot line were lower than expected despite the film taking in a record $1,123,746,996 in 2011.

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