Trekkies Unite To Break Star Trek Cosplay World Record In London

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

Star Trek nerds unite! This past Saturday, over 1,000 Trekkies gathered together at the Destination Star Trek London Convention to break the world record for the largest assembly of people dressed as characters (cosplay) from the iconic TV series Star Trek.

According to, it was estimated that 1,083 Star Trek cosplayers showed up to the gathering and convention at the ExCel Centre in London, England. Guinness World Records won’t verify the final numbers for a few days, but the British organizers are confident that they broke the American record of 1,040 characters held at the bigger, annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in August. Yep, the difference of 43 people could mean the world record.

The three-day event was kicked off on Friday night with all five captains from the various Star Trek series, including William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard), Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko), Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway), and Scott Bakula (Captain Archer), on hand to meet and greet the Trekkies in attendance at the convention. “It’s an accumulation of a lot of work and a lot of people travelling from all over the world here. It’s sort of monumental in its worth,” Shatner said.

The legendary Star Trek actor was also on hand to promote his new documentary, <I>Get a Life!</i>, about the fans of the series that gave the Canadian actor his career longevity. “The conclusion that I come to is that it’s (Star Trek) mythological,” Shatner said of his film. “It’s a desire for mythology that we don’t have in this age.”