Transformers 4 Stocks Up On Pretty Young Things

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The fourth installment of director Michael Bay’s toy-based Transformers series already has a big-time star in place. Mark Wahlberg will anchor the cast—the first without franchise stalwart Shia LeBoeuf—and now it’s time to fill out the smaller roles with less screen time. To this end, Bay and company will begin testing young actors and actresses this week.

Like this, but new. And possibly with acting talent.

What we know about the plot of Transformers 4 centers around Wahlberg, star of The Fighter, and his daughter. That is one of the parts being cast, while the other opening is for the daughter’s boyfriend, who is reportedly a racecar driver. We can only assume that his particular set of skills will come in handy eventually. If there isn’t a big action piece in the middle of the film where the entire extended family piles into a car and has a frantically edited chase with some giant evil robots, then this is not a real Michael Bay movie.

Four young women are up for the daughter role. Nicola Peltz, from M. Night Shayamalan’s The Last Airbender and the upcoming Psycho series, Bates Motel; Australian Isabella Cornish, sister of Abbie (Seven Psychopaths); Garbriella Wilde (Doctor Who, Carrie); and Margaret Quallay, daughter of Andie MacDowell, will audition for the part.

On the racecar-driver side of things, five generically handsome lads will be called in to test. Hunter Parrish (Weeds), Luke Grimes (Taken 2), Brenton Thwaites (Blue Lagoon: The Awakening), Landon Liboiron (Terra Nova), and relative newbie Jack Reynor will all come in to read and look pretty. There is no word if any of the five have racecar-driving experience.

Could Transformers 4 be the launching pad for the next Shia LeBeouf or Megan Fox? Perhaps. That’s why young up-and-comers are lining up for these roles. But it also offers a chance you don’t come across all that often in daily life, the opportunity to do battle with giant-ass robots. That sounds like a good time.

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