Transformers 4 May Have A Female Lead

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

With Transformers 4 being described as a kinda-sorta-maybe reboot that will use mostly new cast as well as plenty of new robots (the better to sell toys, my dear), it’s anybody’s guess what the final film will look like. One possible hint has emerged thanks to a casting call sheet that suggests the film’s lead may be a lady. Will we finally meet the female equivalent of Shia LeBeouf (god help us all)?

Perhaps even a character with more depth than a playing card?

Spoiler TV nabbed a copy of the casting notice and offered up the following brief — as in easily tweetable with room left over — description: “The new female lead that they are looking for is a high school senior and her boyfriend a Texas racing driver.”

Well, there’s the inevitable car connection. Can’t have a movie about giant robots who transform into cars without some sort of car connection. Last time we got Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) unwittingly buying a souped-up Transformer with a twitchy voice unit. Maybe this time one of the Transformers will be working undercover as a pace car?

The location of origin for the girl’s boyfriend could be important as well. Will the new film relocate the action deep into the heart of Texas?

Either way, I’ll be intrigued to see if they do genuinely try to start things fresh. I really do think you could make a good Transformers movie, so hopefully this new incarnation will aim a bit higher than the lowest common denominator. No racist stereotype robots. No pissing oil. No giant robot testicles. No old robots claiming that their father was “a wheel.”

Fingers crossed.