Transformers 4 Will Ditch The Old Cast And Redesign The Robots

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Even if you love what Michael Bay has done with the Transformers movies so far, you have to admit that he’s taken this formula about as far as it can go. They’re doing a fourth movie but it seems clear that in order to get anyone interested, they need to change things up, or risk a failure on the scale of that fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie everyone has already forgotten ever existed.

Michael Bay seems to be keenly aware of this problem. It’s part of why he took a long time to decide if he’d be back at the helm for Transformers 4. Now that he will be back, it sounds like he’s determined to take things in a completely different direction.

Talking to Hero Complex Bay confirmed that they’re bringing in an entirely new cast. That means all the familiar human characters are gone. No more Shia Labeouf, no more Tyrese or Josh Duhamel. None of those Sector 7 weirdos. They’re bringing in fresh blood.

It’s not just the humans they’ll be changing up either. Bay says they also plan to redesign some of the robots.

Expect a new look and a new kind of story for Transformers 4 which, by the way, will absolutely be Michael Bay’s last Transformers movie. His stated goal is to create a movie that sets the franchise up for “the next guy.” If there’s a Transformers 5, Michael Bay won’t be involved.

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