Trailers For Fan-Made Doctor Who Time War Film

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

The Time War has been oft referenced but little seen since Doctor Who’s resurrection back in 2004. It hung like a shroud over much of the first season, and was a crucial element of Christopher Eccleston’s performance as the Ninth Doctor. But while we’ve heard a lot about it, and we’ve certainly seen the lasting scars it carved into the Doctor’s soul, we’ve never gotten a proper, detailed look at the war that wiped out the Time Lords and the Daleks (at least for a little while). Now some Who fans have decided to take matters into their own hands and present their version of the Time War. Here are two trailers for Time War, then we’ll talk more below.

Okay, so obviously what the folks at TARDISELLIOT Productions have done is mix a sampling of official Who footage, chiefly from the Paul Gann Eighth Doctor movie and Eccleston’s run, together with a bit of new voiceover work. That’s well and good for trailers, but according to their Facebook page, the end goal is a full-length, fan-made Time War movie, slated to be released in November 2013. What I’m not clear on is, how well will that same approach work for a full-length movie? Are they going to use existing footage and fill in all new dialogue or voiceover? I’d think it would be quite a challenge to make a movie in that way that actually holds together and doesn’t feel like just a mishmash of tenuously connected footage.

If they were doing something like an animated story with soundalike actors, I can see how that would work, or even just a straight-up audio drama (after all, Doctor Who has a long history of embracing that medium). Are we just going to have to ignore that the mouth’s of the original actors in the footage don’t remotely fit the new dialogue? I’m envisioning Doctor Who re-imagined as a poorly dubbed martial arts movie, and I’m not onboard.

Hopefully further trailers as the project progresses will give us a better idea of what to expect. Assuming the BBC’s lawyers don’t get wind of Time War and shut the whole thing down. And you thought the Daleks were scary…

Finally, here’s the official description of the project:

The Time War enters its final days. Both the Timelords and the Daleks will stop at nothing for total supremacy over time.

The Doctor will make a decision that will change the whole universe forever.

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