Trailer For Short Film Europa

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Heavy on atmosphere, but light in the way of plot details, check out this trailer for Bruce Hutchinson’s short science fiction film Europa. While there isn’t much concrete detail, there is some definite potential contained within.

Europa has all of the hallmarks you want out of a quick science fiction jaunt. There are holograms, space travel, and lizard looking astronauts bouncing around the surface of a distant world. It looks like there might even be hints of intergalactic romance going on, and maybe there’s even a childhood dream or two of being fulfilled. A dissonant score drones over the top of all of the space-themed action.

At one point, during the shots of what looks like a futuristic boardroom, you get the impression that there is some type of over arching corporate presence pulling the strings. From that vantage point you can feel an Alien or Blade Runner influence. But is it even possible these days to make a sci-fi movie without that coming into play? All of this talk of story, however, is all pure speculation. You’ll have to wait until the film is released to get the whole picture.

Especially in the case of the planets, of Jupiter and its moons, the special effects look pretty cool. On the surface of the world is a little wonky. It feels like a stylistic choice, and maybe intentional, but the shadows and textures feel off. Then again, this is a low-budget, made-on-a-shoestring sort of film that we’re talking about here, so you can forgive a misstep or two.

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