Trailer For Roland Emmerich Produced Post Apocalyptic Thriller Hell

By Brent McKnight | Published

Roland Emmerich knows a thing or two about the end of the world. After all, he’s destroyed it numerous times in multiple different ways in films like 2012, Independence Day, and The Day After Tomorrow. It seems fitting then that Emmerich executive produced the low-budget, post-apocalyptic thriller Hell. Watch the new trailer below…

As if the title Hell wasn’t evocative enough, this trailer shows the blanched out, desolate remnants of our world. Populated by desperate people, the landscape is full of danger, treachery, and violence. You can rest assured that this is not going to be a happy, rainbows and lollipops kind of movie. Hell is going to be grim.

It was once the source of life, light and warmth. But now the sun has turned the entire world into baked and barren wasteland. Forests are scorched. Animal carcasses line the roads. Even the nights are dazzling bright. Marie (Hannah Herzsprung), her little sister Leonie (Lisa Vicari) and Phillip (Lars Eidinger) are heading for the mountains in a car with covered windows. Rumor has it there is still water there. Along the way they run into Tom (Stipe Erceg), a first-rate mechanic that becomes indispensible. But can they trust him? Tension grows in the small group. As if things weren’t bad enough, they are lured into an ambush. Their real battle for survival begins.

Survival is everything July 10th on video on demand, and August 21st on Blu-ray and DVD.