Trailer For Kiwi Post Apocalyptic Drama Existence

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

How’s your day been? Pretty good? Glad to hear it. A little too good, maybe? Could your day an injection of post-apocalyptic bleakness to even things out? If that’s the case, why don’t you check out the trailer for New Zealand director Juliet Bergh’s new film Existence.

Quiet Earth calls Existence a “salvagepunk” western, and while that’s a term I haven’t encountered before, it definitely fits in this scenario.

At the same time this trailer is moody and desolate, there is also a sense of great beauty. The minimalistic film makes use of the sweeping natural settings, and even in a movie about confinement, there are moments of freedom and openness, physically and emotionally.

Existence is the story of Freya. In a future where most of the Earth’s surface is submerged in the toxic soup of an ocean, a few groups of survivors must scrape out a living confined within an electric fence. These fenced borders, powered by giant wind turbines, are patrolled by a mysterious group of riders, essentially prison guards on horses. “Freya believes her only hope for freedom lies with a Boundary Rider who also yearns for something he cannot have,” and she is determined to seduce the Rider, no matter the consequences to her family.

The film has a nice cast featuring Kiwi standouts Loren Taylor (formerly Loren Horsley, Eagle Vs. Shark), Gareth Reeves (Under the Mountain), and Matthew Sunderland (Under the Mountain).

The world premiere of Existence is set to take place at the New Zealand Film Festival on August 3rd.