Trailer For Cyberpunk Short Reboot

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Situated in a world of young hackers, the trailer for new cyberpunk short film Reboot creates a tense, churning feel—largely thanks to some smooth editing and a pulsing Massive Attack song. When a young woman (Emily Somers) wakes up with amnesia and a phone attached to her palm, a clock on the screen counting down, she must figure out what happened to her, and what happens when her time runs out. That’s a promising set up.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, “Reboot” touches upon many of the current social and political concerns that arise from becoming more and more intertwined with the virtual.

In contemporary Los Angeles, a young female hacker (Stat) awakens from unconsciousness to find an iPhone glued to her hand and a mysterious countdown ticking away on the display. Suffering from head trauma, and with little recollection of who she is or what is happening, Stat races against time to figure out what the code means, and what unknown event the pending zero-hour will bring.

If the trailer is to be believed, Reboot is a slick, solid thriller with a technological lean, and maybe even a point about the dangers of the increasing worldwide reliance on electronic innovations.

Short films can be tricky, many try to cram too much into limited space and come across as jumbled, failing to explore any one area completely. Reboot is longer than a lot of shorts (35 minutes), but there is certainly some big thematic ground to cover. Writer/director Joe Kawasaki could very well pull it off. The potential is there, and Reboot certainly looks like an entertaining bit of action, mystery, and intrigue. There is a little bit of everything: guns, chases, threats, and all the trappings that come with a sci-fi actioner.