I Want This Toy Spaceship Poster For My Wall ASAP

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

One thing I love about the Internet (not to mention my job) is that it provides a quick and relatively easy pathway for fans around the world to harness their passion into creativity, make cool stuff, and then share that cool stuff with the rest of us. Sure, not everything offered up is amazing — some of it is peculiar, and some is downright awful — but it still means that every day spent poking around the corners of the interwebs (or surfing GFR, if we may be so bold) is another chance to run across something amazing. Case in point: this poster image, which takes the incredibly simple concept of photographing old science fiction spaceship toys, and results in something that I would happily pay to slap up on my office wall.

The poster — which, unfortunately, does not appear to be for sale in any form at the moment — is the creation of a dude called Avanaut, whose Flickr is most definitely worth exploring. This dude can cram a lot of awesome into the simple act of photographing old toys. Here’s how he describes the spaceship poster:

A while ago I ran into a box of old spaceships of mine in our cellar, I photographed a few of them and thought it would be nice to document them all while at it. I found a total of 11 spaceships (not including the numerous LEGO ships) in our house, most are my oldies, a couple of them belong to the kid. I shot all of them straight from the bow to capture their character.

After I had photographed them all I thought they’d look great in a poster, I added some trendy graphic noise to go with it. I think it turned out allright.

Here are a couple of my other favorite shots from Avanaut’s Flickr. Kind of amazing what you can accomplish with the right composition and lighting, ain’t it?