Total Recall Remake Footage Looks A Lot Like The Schwarzenegger Movie

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The things we’ve been hearing about director Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake have made it sound as though he might be going in a truly different direction from the iconic Schwarzenegger movie from 1990. For instance, Wiseman’s movie won’t even take place on Mars, but instead stays firmly on planet Earth.

But maybe it’s not so different after all.

The film’s full trailer is supposed to hit the internet soon, but in anticipation of that thirty-seconds of teaser footage has been leaked and, what we see in it looks a lot like what we saw in the Schwarzenegger movie. Take a look…

The plot seems pretty similar and the actual Recall chair in particular looks nearly identical to the one used in Arnold’s movie. Here’s a comparison:

Colin Farrell in Total Recall 2012
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall 1990