This Total Recall Trailer Has Three Boobs! And Many Other Things You’ve Already Seen

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall opens in theaters August 3rd. The people behind the movie claim that this isn’t a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 sci-fi thriller, that it’s a reinterpretation of Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember it For You Wholesale,” but they aren’t fooling anyone. This newest trailer only reinforces that. It does, however, answer one of the most important questions surrounding Total Recall 2012: will the movie feature the prostitute with three boobs?

The answer to that, my friends, can be found below.

Last week we wrote about a viral video that gives a side-by-side comparison of the 1990 and 2012 versions of Total Recall. The similarities are astounding. In some cases, there are almost shot for shot recreations of scenes. But holy crap, it’s like this trailer is trying to do the same thing. You don’t need to show the two movies next to each other, because from the looks of this, they’re the exact same thing.

For all intents and purposes this trailer is just an extended edition of the one that was already available. It goes a little more in depth, shows slightly longer looks at scenes, and gives away what would seem to be enormous plot points. Like the bit where a familiar face shows up and tries to convince Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell in the 2012 film) that this is all in his head, that the events of the movie aren’t real. In Verhoeven’s film that’s is a pivotal moment for the story and the character. Do you really want to spoil that in a trailer?

And are those storm troopers?

Part of me feels like this trailer isn’t real, like someone made it as a joke, to see if they could make Wiseman’s Total Recall feel exactly like the 1990 movie.

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