New Total Recall Spot Has More Robots And Badass Beckinsale

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

We all agree that Total Recall probably didn’t need to be remade. It’s also entirely likely that the remake won’t be as smart nor is it likely to have a 3-boobed hooker. But have you seen the remake trailers? Holy hell does the action look good.

Here’s the latest one, in which we get a little more of Kate Beckinsale as a sexy betrayer and also those strange white police robots which seem to be running around everywhere causing trouble. Watch…

As an aside, did you notice that the “Recall” facility Colin Ferrell goes to spells its name “Rekall”? Just lame marketing on the part of their organization or some sort of hint at a Russian influenced future? Or maybe I’m just over-thinking it.

The new Total Recall hits theaters on August 3rd.