New Total Recall Posters Have A Lot Going On

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’re only two weeks away from returning to Rekall, with director Len Wiseman’s remake of the cheesy-good 1990 Verhoeven/Schwarzenegger set to hit theaters on August 3rd. While we’ve been having occasional bouts of déjà vu when watching the trailers leading up to release, if the remake has anything going for it, it’s got some pretty impressive design work, including flying cars, tiered cities, and badass armored cops. (It also has Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell, and Bryan Cranston going for it, depending on your tastes and/or priorities.) Columbia Pictures is putting that design work front and center in a newly released poster for Total Recall, and the result is…cluttered.

There’s also a less busy version of that same poster floating around the interwebs, and while it streamlines things a bit, I’m not sure it’s really an improvement. Thankfully at this point most of us have decided whether or not we’re going to be giving Total Recall a chance when it hits theaters on the third, so it’s unlikely anybody’s going to be swayed by a poster, good or bad. What do you think of the posters? Enticing or just a mess?

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