Torchwood’s John Barrowman Cuts A Rug To Beyonce’s Single Ladies

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We cover a lot of different stuff here at GFR, because our goal of covering “science and science fiction” covers a wide spectrum, from the fantastic to the fascinating to the frankly indescribable. You can lump this one into that third column, because I have absolutely no idea where this video originated, nor do I have a context to help clarify why it exists. It simply is. If I had to guess at a reason why there’s a video of John Barrowman dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” I would theorize that the universe simply realized that such a thing simply Needed To Happen, and thus it did. If I have any complaints, it’s that the Universe took its sweet time in steering me toward the video. The last three years have, in retrospect, been all the poorer for my not knowing this existed.

Simple expression of Barrowman’s lust for life? Perhaps. Curious enigma that may in fact contain all the secrets of the universe? Quite possibly. Thoroughly enjoyable? You betcha. In the meantime all we can do is watch, and perhaps dance along at home, alone and with the drapes closed. Take it away, John…


And thanks to Mindy for pointing out the existence of this video!


  1. TigStripe says:

    This is ANCIENT. Way to be behind the times.

  2. Jeff Brewer says:

    I am the poorer for not knowing of this as well. Excellent vid.

  3. Donna Duvall says:

    my day just became infinately better. thank you for existing john barrowman!

  4. Laluffy says:

    Have you seen the video of Justin Timberlake doing the same dance?