Torchwood’s Captain Jack Joins The CW’s Arrow

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Doctor Who continues to grown in popularity these days, but the future doesn’t look nearly as bright for fans of the spin-off series, Torchwood. The disappointing Torchwood: Miracle Day series took an interesting concept and killed it with molasses-slow pacing, an ironic feat for a show about a man who can’t die. Given that Miracle Day didn’t exactly light up the ratings for Starz, there’s some question whether we’ll get anymore Torchwood or if it is well and truly dead. But take heart, Torchwood fans: even if you can’t get more of the show, you can at least get more of the cast. Actor John Barrowman — Captain Jack himself — is joining the CW’s upcoming superhero action series Arrow.

Based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, Arrow gives the character the Smallville/Batman Begins treatment, showing Oliver Queen’s path to becoming an emerald-hued, arrow-slinging vigilante. The show stars Stephen Amell as the hero, and EW reports that Barrowman will be playing a “well-dressed man … as mysterious as he is wealthy … he is an acquaintance of the Queen family and a prominent figure in Starling City.” That doesn’t exactly tell us much, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing some existing DC character and they’re trying to keep the lid on his identity until the show eventually reveals it. Sadly, the story also fails to explain why they’ve decided to change the name of Green Arrow’s hometown from “Star City” to “Starling City.” Who the hell names a city after a starling?

Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim are writing for the show, and that could be good or bad news, depending on your opinion of the Green Lantern movie, which they also penned (along with Michael Green & Michael Goldenberg). Either way, the show’s got a high bar to reach — in longevity, if not in quality — if it’s going to fill the (super) boots of its predecessor, Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons.

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