Tomorrowland Finds A Film Composer In Michael Giacchino

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

GiacchinoBrad Bird’s follow-up to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the first collaboration with screenwriter and geek punching bag Damon Lindelof. While the science fiction film Tomorrowland doesn’t open in theaters for more than a year, Bird and Lindelof are getting the mysterious film together for an undisclosed production start date. And although Tomorrowland will be first the brainchild from Bird and Lindelof, the new family film will have a familiar tone that is the signature of almost all of Brad Bird’s movies.

The 56-year-old director announced from his Twitter account that one of his long-time collaborators will join him while making Tomorrowland a reality. The new film will feature new music from Academy Award-winning film composer Michael Giacchino. Although the announcement is not too surprising — Giacchino composed the film scores for the last three movies from Brad Bird — it is always refreshing to hear new material from the world-renowned composer.

Michael Giacchino did the music for Brad Bird’s second feature film, The Incredibles, in 2004. He later did the music for Bird’s animated follow-up Ratatouille in 2007, and his live-action film debut, the aforementioned Ghost Protocol in 2011. Giacchino was also the go-to film composer for J.J. Abrams on Star Trek Into Darkness and Super 8, while also working with director Matt Reeves on Cloverfield and Let Me In. He is currently working on the sequel film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for Reeves and the latest from the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending. Giacchino won an Academy Award for Best Film Score for his work on the animated film Up for director Pete Docter in 2009.

Much like J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof love to play the mystery box game. The pair even had a physical mystery box labeled “1952” with items and memorabilia that pointed toward the film’s premise. “1952” was the film project’s working title until the real title of Tomorrowland was eventually revealed. There’s not much known about the sci-fi family film, and even the official synopsis doesn’t reveal much. It mentions that the film will follow a teen and a former boy genius inventor as they embark on a journey of the unknown that lives somewhere between space and time. See what I mean?

In an interview, Damon Lindelof described Tomorrowland as a movie that will do the same for the like-named Disney theme park as the Pirates of the Caribbean movies did for their namesake. The former Lost showrunner also hopes to inspire the minds of young people with the film.

Tomorrowland will star George Clooney (Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity) as the former boy-genius inventor named Frank Walker, while Under The Dome’s Britt Robertson will play the teen, the film’s heroine named Casey Newton. Hugh Laurie is set to play Tomorrowland‘s central villain David Nix, and newcomer Raffey Cassidy will play Athena the Robot. Actors Thomas Robinson, Judy Greer, and Tim McGraw are all set to appear in the new Brad Bird family film as well.

Tomorrowland will hit theaters everywhere on December 12, 2014.