The Tomorrow People’s Full Preview Proves Outcasts Are Cooler

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

It only took five years for The CW to finally come up with a TV show that I’m actually excited about. (I admit to watching the cancelled series Cult, but it was an ironic kind of excitement.) Their updated version of the cherished British series The Tomorrow People looks like it has moved on from the idea of a children’s show, and is fully enveloped in something darker, but still maintaining The CW’s two main staples: only good looking people and angsty drama.

The above preview does excite me, though I don’t think it brings anything overwhelmingly new to the table, and is definitely missing a talking computer named TIM. What it does is give us a much better look at things than the preview did, and I’m impressed by the cinematic way the video plays out. Not only does it start out surreally with lead character Stephen Jameson (Robbie Arnell) waking up in bed in between two other people, but it plays out with only the slightest bit of that annoying voiceover. We see him meet his new accomplices and new foes.

“We’re called Tomorrow People, and we didn’t choose the name, I swear,” Cara (Peyton List) tells Stephen. No doubt this kind of reluctant hero organization is reminiscent of the X-Men, or even the people from Heroes, but it shouldn’t be too hard to distance this from those properties.

Stephen joins Cara, John (Luke Mitchell) and Russell (Aaron Yoo) in trying to not get found and destroyed (or something) by bad guy Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino). We see a lot of powers shown here, though I’m unclear as to what some of them are. Teleportation, check. Another kind of teleportation, check. Super strength force field thing, check. And just because we can, let’s throw some slowed-down bullet time in there.

So it doesn’t look amazing, but it looks better than The Vampire Diaries and all the other diary shows on The CW. The Tomorrow People will be teleported to your TVs on Wednesdays this fall.

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