The Tomorrow People Preview And Clip Show Off The CW’s New Sci-Fi Series

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

This fall, the CW is jumping on the sci-fi bandwagon in a major way, with new series The 100, Star-Crossed, and The Tomorrow People all falling within the genre. Now we’ve got your first look at the last of those three, in the form of a short preview and a longer clip.

The preview sets the stage for the show, a reboot of a cult British series from the 1970s. In the future, we begin to see the next stage of human evolution, as young people just coming of age begin manifesting new powers, like teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy—lots of teles. Collectively known as The Tomorrow People, they are hunted by a group of paramilitary scientists known as Ultra, led by Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pelligrino). The protagonist, Stephen (Robie Amell), joins up with John (Luke Mitchell), Cara (Peyton List), and Russell (Aaron Yoo), a group of outcasts, in order to unravel an expansive mystery.

While the preview lays the groundwork, this clip gives us an extended look at exactly what Stephen and the others can do. Not only can Stephen teleport himself and others from place to place, which is a handy skill to have, but he can also apparently slow time, Matrix style. The latter ability looks to be as much of a surprise to Stephen as to the others.

Comparisons to X-Men are inevitable, and while we’re talking about the CW here—be prepared for some angst—this looks like it could turn out to be a cool little endeavor. Something about the story resonates, as there have been multiple installments and incarnations of the series in the UK over the years.

The Tomorrow People hits the airwaves this fall on the CW.

The Tomorrow People

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