Tom Cruise Doing Mission: Impossible In Space… Sort Of

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Tom CruiseTom Cruise is in talks to play the lead in All You Need Is Kill. The movie’s a sci-fi thriller directed by Doug Liman and better still the whole thing is set in outer space. Except it’s not some celebration of exploration or anything, but a heist movie, which sounds a lot like something in the mold of Mission: Impossible, especially now that Cruise is attached.

The film would have Cruise leading a team of former astronauts stealing equipment to get back to the moon where they plan to run off with some sort of valuable energy source. At least that’s Hollywood’s definition of the movie they’re making. The comic it’s based on has a very different story going on.

In the Hiroshi Sakurazaka “All You Need Is Kill” comic they’re supposed to be adapting, the lead is a young soldier recently recruited to the United Defense Force to help defend Earth against aliens called “Mimics”. An accident causes the soldier to be stuck in some sort of time loop. What any of this has to do with a heist lead by Tom Cruise (who is much too old to play a young soldier), is anyone’s guess. If you’ve read the comic, see if you can connect the dots for us in the comments section below.

What I do know is that if they haven’t entirely ruined this movie it could be just the shot in the arm the generally ignored space opera genre needs. Tom Cruise is just about the only legitimate, box office draw left in Hollywood outside of Will Smith.

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