Time-Travel Short Film Double Trouble Seeks Kickstarter Funds

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

As readers of this website, I bet all of you guys can agree that there just isn’t enough science fiction in the world. I mean, there are six Fast and Furious movies out there. How many sci-fi franchises get six films? And I’m speaking only of franchises that don’t contain Jar Jar Binks. (Though if Riddick does well, we may have another Vin Diesel property on that list.)

Thus, search your cushions and donate whatever you find to the Kickstarter campaign (donate here!) for a short film steeped in time travel and a love for adventure movies from the 1980s like Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Swedish directors André Hedetoft & Andreas Climent need your help in creating their short Double Trouble.

How much help? Just $2,500, over $1,700 of which has already been raised, with seven days left to go in the campaign. That’s peanuts, people, peanuts! Especially when you consider the two directors are almost completely responsible for every bit of the production process. After scripts are written, these guys make storyboards, photo storyboards, and animatics. When everything is deemed complete, they direct their projects, knowing full well how everything will look. So what’s it about?

Double Trouble is the story about a shy young guy who misses the opportunity to talk to the girl of his dreams. When he finds a mysterious pocket watch that can turn back time he gets a second chance. But now he has to fight a time traveling copy of himself to change his future and get the girl.

Sounds interesting, right? Even more so since twins Marcus and Mattias Thernström Florin were hired on to play the main character, with Emelia Hansson playing the love interest. Award winning film composer S. Peace Nistades will do the music, and should the film reach $4,500, which isn’t that likely, they’ll be able to shoot the short on a Red Epic camera and will work with visual effects artists from films such as Looper and The Avengers. They aim for a August or September production start, and they’re hoping to get the film finished in the first half of 2014.

So if you’re interested just pay them, then go back in time, make some money on the lottery, and pay them more. To get a little confidence in their work, check out their take on the origins of X-Men favorite Wolverine in the short Logan. You won’t be disappointed.

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