Time Travel Novel Time And Again Becoming A Movie

By Rudie Obias | Published

It’s never too late to bring a classic story to the big screen. The illustrated novel, Time and Again, by Jack Finney (The Body Snatchers) was first published in 1970 but now will enjoy a film adaptation from director Doug Liman (The Bourne IdentitySwingers) and the movie studio Lionsgate.

Variety says Liman and Lionsgate were not the first to take on this project. In the mid-90s, Robert Redford and Paul Newman were developing a film adaptation for Universal but they quickly ran into speed bumps. Other directors later pitched it as a TV movie or a network miniseries but those projects were never realized.

The best-selling novel, Time and Again, follows the story of Simon Morley, an illustrator from New York City in the mid-20th century who was sent back in time to 1882 as part of  a secret government program. Once there, he meets and falls in love with Julia, his landlady’s niece. He must decide between his old life in the future and his new life in the past.

Now, Liman’s next film will be All You Need Is Kill starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt for Warner Bros so it seems likely his next project after that will be adapting Time and Again. At the moment, there are no screenwriters or actors attached to the project.

It’s a rarity in sci-fi to go to the sub-genre of romance but films like The Lake HouseThe Astronaut’s Wife and Kate & Leopold go this route. It’s unclear if Doug Liman will make Time and Again with this type of tone in mind or if he would be more interested in exploring the secret government program angle of the original source material. Either way, the project is in good hands as it’s good to see Liman take on another sci-fi film since Jumper.