In Time Is A Box Office Flop

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

October has been a rough month for science fiction. Only one of the two big sci-fi releases in theaters this month managed to find an audience, and that one movie was the sort of dumb, but fun Real Steel. After that, The Thing prequel debuted and then vanished from theaters, and now it’s In Time’s turn to pull a disappearing act. The Justin Timberlake powered sci-fi vehicle opened this weekend and managed only third place in its box office debut.

It’s not the third place finish that’s really so dismal, it’s the way in which In Time went about it. The film made only $5.4 million over the three day weekend, even though it was in 3100 theaters. As a result, it’s one of the lowest opening wide releases of the year (wide releases being any movie that shows up in more than 1500 theaters).

Like The Thing before it In Time suffered justifiably awful reviews from film critics, and the truth is it probably deserved to flop. Sci-fi lovers are better off spending their time seeking out Attack the Block on home video.

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