Terra Nova May Have Been Saved By Last Minute Finale Viewers

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Originally billed as a television series about humans from the future living in the past with dinosaurs, Terra Nova hasn’t exactly delivered. Instead, it’s turned into more of a show about a bunch of humans hanging out in an unusually scenic suburbia fighting with each other.

So it should come as no surprise that the series has been on the edge of cancellation all season long. Terra Nova’s ratings have been dropping since its debut, while critics have savaged it and genre fans have expressed continued disappointment. But the season finale, which aired this Monday, may have done well enough to get the show back on Fox for another go at conquering Earth’s past next season.

Word is that the Terra Nova finale managed 7.2 million viewers. That’s up from the previous week, though still down from the show’s 9.2 million premiere. For the finale, the show ranked 30th place overall, nearly as well as Glee and The New Girl; both of which are still considered hits and sure bets to be back for another year.

That’s not to say Terra Nova is exactly tearing it up, but it’s doing better than most of this season’s newly added shows, many of which were total flops. What I’m getting at here is that Terra Nova’s numbers may be just mediocre enough to keep it around, in an environment where everything else sucks.

For my part, I’m not sure whether I want it back. Cancelling Terra Nova would mean an end to almost all sci-fi programming on network television, but is bad science fiction better than no science fiction? I’m not sure. There’s always the hope that they’ll figure it out in the second season by, you know, actually delivering dinosaurs. The finale, which still ended up being largely about humans standing around punching each other, was at least better written than some of the season’s low points and managed to bring and end to most of the worst story lines which had been dragging the show down all along. Maybe this is a step in the right direction and a good sign, should they get a second season.

Fox still hasn’t said whether or not they’ll bring Terra Nova back, but we’ll let you know when they announce a clear decision.

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