Terra Nova Ratings Continue To Plummet, Start The Cancellation Watch

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

When sci-fi lovers complain about the dearth of decent science fiction themed programming on television, we’re not talking about Terra Nova. I’m not even sure this show qualifies as science fiction anymore. Really it’s just a people running around doing the same stuff they might do on any average episode of House or CSI, with two or three minutes of dinosaur footage thrown in every week, in order to justify the title.

So while I’d like to be upset if Terra Nova gets cancelled, I won’t be, because this show isn’t so much science fiction as an excuse not to put actual science fiction on television. I guess that makes it a good thing that it’s becoming less a question of if Terra Nova will be cancelled, and more a question of when.

The show’s ratings have been falling since it’s debut and this week it hit a new low. On a good night only 6 or 7 million people are tuning in, and even though the show doesn’t really seem to do many special effects, somehow it costs a lot of money to produce. Maybe they have a lot of cash tied up in ferns.

As the ratings continue to fall cancellation rumors have started swirling. Fox, Terra Nova’s home network, is notoriously quick to cancel sci-fi programming, and that’s when it’s good sci-fi programming. Terra Nova is no Firefly. Terra Nova’s ratings aren’t quite as low as Firefly’s were yet (it averaged around 4.8 million viewers when cancelled) but figure in the overall low quality and generally loathesome reception it’s receiving from nearly everyone who watches it, and the writing’s on the wall.

Barring some miracle, don’t be surprised of Terra Nova doesn’t make it through the end of the month.

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