Terra Nova Producers Talk About The Season Two We’ll Never See

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Last May, word came down from the executives at Fox that their new sci-fi drama, Terra Nova, would only get one season. It was cancelled. Many of Terra Nova’s fans called “foul,” as another high-concept sci-fi series was prematurely swallowed up by the maw of the Fox Network.

Fair or unfair, Terra Nova had its share of problems long before the cancellation, including whiny teenagers, unlikable characters, and mediocre storylines. But the time travel/dinosaur series still had some fans who believed Terra Nova was good enough to earn another chance on another network. Well, they won’t get that, but here’s a consolation prize. In a new interview, former producer Brannon Braga spoke candidly about where the series would’ve went if they had a second season. Braga disclosed to the Media Geek Network:

The stuff out in the badlands, [there’s] still an army out there, but we were going to find they were being massacred by what could be the possible next step in evolution for the dinosaurs. Highly intelligent dinosaurs, which we do know existed in that time … but done believably.

Then a big showdown, and Taylor was going to go crazy … The main source of conflict would be between Taylor and Jim Shannon, and a battle for control of the colony and how to deal with these new dangers.

There were plenty of rumors and rumblings about Terra Nova’s future. At one point, Netflix was courting the series for a possible season two until the online streaming service decided to go in another direction. And once Fox decided to sell off the series’ sets and props, including the show’s futuristic vehicles, the writing was on the wall for Terra Nova. Even its series star, Jason O’Mara, admitted that the series was having problems throughout its run.

When the complete series was available on Blu-ray and DVD, the producers added a special bonus feature for fans of the show. Fox gave fans the opportunity to cobble together their own ending for Terra Nova using graphics and editing software the network would provide. This was due to the many cliffhangers that rose out of the season finale, which turned out to be the series finale.

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