Terra Nova Fans: Chances Of Resurrection Fading, Jason O’Mara Takes Another Gig

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

After Fox unceremoniously cancelled Terra Nova a few weeks ago there was some hope that the show might be picked up by another network. There was even talk that Netflix might buy it to produce as part of their new slate of original programming. But now a little time has passed and it’s starting to look like Terra Nova is gone forever. Or at least the show’s star seems to think so. He’s moved on and taken another job.

Terra Nova star Jason O’Mara has lined up a new project. Deadline says he’s set to co-star in a dramatic pilot for CBS opposite the likes of Carrie-Anne Moss and Dennis Quaid. He’s not the first Terra Nova actor to take another gig either. Allison Miller and Christine Adams have also lined up new shows.

Word is that talks between Netflix and Fox are still ongoing and that there’s still a chance they may take on the cancelled series (though we think they’d be better off picking up one of these). Should those talks actually amount to something, O’Mara will still be able to go back to Terra Nova, it takes priority over his new job. That said, clearly O’Mara didn’t think he should wait around for it, which probably isn’t a particularly good sign for dino-fans still holding out hope.